Wine and dine on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast’s beautiful environment and beaches make it a popular destination for travellers. What most don’t realise is the sheer amount of cuisine options available in this area; there are quite a few different options to pick from when it comes to food, with enough variety to satisfy any palette.


Asian Fine Dining
The Sunshine Coast is home to Wasabi, a Japanese restaurant that blends traditional cuisine with a modern atmosphere. The restaurant serves food made with ingredients found along the Sunshine Coast, giving it a unique, local flair that still holds true to its roots. Offering cooking classes, catering, and more, Wasabi is a must-visit location if you’re ever in the area.

Another restaurant with a distinctly Asian flair is Embassy XO, an establishment that boasts a gorgeous setting, world-class wait staff, and more. Embassy XO offers a gluten-free menu to cater to those with special dietary needs on top of some of the world’s greatest wines. Try the beef cheeks with a chocolate bun for desert.


European Fine Dining
For those seeking a European style in their food, there is no better location to visit than The Long Apron, ranked number 94 of the top 100 restaurants in the country. While The Long Apron won’t be easy on the wallet, it’s well worth it for the experience. This establishment combines a wonderful atmosphere with world class presentation, making it the perfect place to gather with friends and just spend the day talking. It’s also a great place to take a break and soak in the atmosphere when traveling. The Long Apron combines flavors in new and unique ways, making it an experience your palette won’t soon forget.

Another great location is Berardo’s Restaurant & Bar. Berardo’s has the sort of style and décor that would make a person expect celebrities to pop in at any time; it’s quiet, laid back atmosphere and world class cuisine make it a great location for a romantic date. The food is cooked to order, with a mix of modern Australian and more traditional steak and seafood offerings. Lamb, duck, and other more ‘exotic’ meats are also on the menu, providing a broad range of options for the diner.


Laid Back Eating
For those looking for a more relaxed, casual location to eat, Thomas Corner Eater is the place to go. While this location still has a sense of flair, there’s no need to feel like a formal dress code is required. Serving food on clean, simple plates without the frills buy viagra with paypal and garnishes, Thomas Corner Eatery appeals to those who want good food in an atmosphere more conducive to conversation rather than presentation. Someone looking to drink could also try this location, as there are a number of wines, cocktails, and liquers to choose from.

The Golden Coast offers a wide variety of cuisine options for every flavor palette. With six of the top ranked restaurants in all of Australia found along the coastline, it’s hard to go wrong. Take the time to figure out what location appeals most to you, but keep in mind the costs – most of these restaurants can be quite tough on the wallet, but are well worth the costs. They each offer a unique atmosphere and cuisine experience you won’t soon forget.

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