Top 5 Beaches on the Sunshine Coast

With an island the size of Australia, there’s no shortage of beaches to be found. The Sunshine Coast offers some of the best beaches for swimming, surfing and shopping around.

1. Sunshine Beach

This beach is the stereotypical beach you think of. Families enjoy swimming in the clear water and sunbathing on the sand. However, it manages to never feel crowded. Surfing’s great at Sunshine beach, too. You can even stop by the beer garden for a drink. One of the perks of this beach is that you can bring the family dog and let him run off his leash. Just don’t forget to pack your frisbee and sunblock!

2. Peregian Beach

Perhaps you want something a little less crowded. That’s where Peregian Beach comes in. It’s gorgeous and you can sometimes walk for miles without seeing anyone else. When you do come across a neighbor, they’ll likely be pretty relaxed. The atmosphere is absolutely “chill.” Privacy is second only to the gorgeous white sand dunes. Casuarina lends a natural feel to this beach despite fashion shops being available just a few meters away. This beach is also happy for you to bring your pooch.

3. Noosa

For a little shopping after you finish swimming, Noosa is the place where you want to be. It’s close to luxury accommodations, so you’ll see plenty of tours at Noose Heads. Safety is utmost at Noosa; it’s one of the patrolled beaches on the Sunshine Coast. All of this is within walking distance. Swim to your heart’s delight on the beach, then take a short stroll to shops on Hastings Street. Surfers can also head out from the main beach to the Noose sandbar.

4. Mooloolaba

Funny name, serious swimming. Sunshine Coat’s Mooloolaba beach is good if your little ones are just learning to swim or if you’re not a strong swimmer. The beach has plenty of cafes and refreshment stands, so why not make it a day away from home? It’s also just a short ways away from UndetWater World, a water park that offers SCUBA diving for the whole family. If you enjoy biking, head between the beach and Mooloolaba Spit to partake in everything that the area has to offer.

5. Kings Beach

This beach in Caloundra makes many of the top beaches lists, and it’s no wonder why! It’s safe thanks to patrols, and you can enjoy plenty of surfing. Plus, the beach is protect from the northern winds in the summer, which is convenient for surfers. Beachgoers love Kings Beach because there’s enough space to spread out comfortably. A unique element of Kings Beach is the amphitheater, and you can sometimes enjoy musicians playing right on the beach!

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