Whale Watching Sunshine Coast

Though Sunshine Coast is well known for its beaches and sunny weather, sometimes you might want to get out into the water and see something amazing. Each June and October, humpback whales make their migration from the south into warmer waters up north. This gives us the opportunity to take boats on to the water and come face to face with these amazing creatures. There are a number of companies in the Sunshine Coast area that offer whale watching excursions, and if you are in the area in June or October, you certainly won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Getting around the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is located about 100 km north of Brisbane. From Brisbane, it takes just over an hour by car to drive, and is easy to get to by taking the M1 north. Once you arrive to Sunshine Coast, you will find that there are a number of tourist activities available in addition to whale watching, but going out to the ‘humpback highway’ to see these majestic mammals should be at the top of your list.

What to Expect When Whale Watching

Since there are several businesses that conduct whale watching tours, you may get a slightly different experience when choosing one over another. However, typically you can expect to spend about $90 to $170 per person for each tour. You also might find that companies will offer family packages, packages with meals included or other ways that you see the whales.

Whale watching is something that can be done with the entire family and will be an experience that children will love. Before going whale watching, you should keep in mind that the sea can get rough at times, so taking seasick pills before you go is always recommended. You will want to bring comfortable shoes, jacket, sunscreen and don’t forget to bring a camera!

Finding a Company for Whale Watching

There are several well known and reputable companies in Sunshine Coast to use when you want to see whales up close and personal. Some of these include Whales in Paradise, Australian Whale Watching and Whale One.

Whale watching in Queensland is something that will be the highlight of any holiday. Most companies will guarantee sightings and will do all they can to ensure that you are happy with the experience. Though you certainly will want to lay on the beaches and experience other Sunshine Coast attractions, take a few hours out of your day and travel along the ‘humpback highway’ to come face to face with these breathtaking mammals.

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