The Ginger Factory

A problem that all parents run into is finding affordable family fun that is educational, engaging, and budget friendly. An ideal opportunity for an entire day’s entertainment came upon the discovery of the Ginger Factory. Nestled off of coastal Queensland in the village of Yandina, this operational ginger factory has a variety of attractions to appeal to families with children of all ages. A full days adventure is on hand to entertain and educate the entire family.

Preview for Free

Admission to the grounds and some attractions like the scenic Garden Walks are free. The ability to soak in the atmosphere before committing to purchasing tickets to the numerous rides and attractions is advantageous. The management even had the forethought to offer a VIP card where certain perks like the Overboard and the Ginger Train would come free to use for the entire year. The prices for any or all the attractions are easily affordable for families of many diverse budgets.

A Few of the Reasons to Visit the Ginger Factory

The degree of interaction on the various displays, rides, and tours kept the children interested and engaged. Having partaken many of the sweet and savory treats at the Ginger Cafe, the children were geared up for higher activity events. While scenic and engaging for the parents, the Ginger Train was a little sedate for children surging with sugar. The Super Bee had just the proper combination of frenzied insect activity and education all rolled into one. The children were fascinated with witnessing how honey is made and gathered. The busy bees were more than enough to keep an active child’s imagination in high gear. We loved the educationally and entrainment aspects all rolled up into one.

Exotic educational entertainment that is in reach of public transport are rare in our great nation. Route 631 via Sunbus services is the most direct method to arrive at the Ginger Factory. Those who wish to drive themselves, the Bruce Highway (M1) provides a direct path to Yandina. Find the Yandina/Coolum exit and follow the clearly marked signs to arrive at the vibrant Ginger Factory.

The Ginger Factory is an all encompassing single stop destination for family entertainment for an entire day in the Queensland sun. The soothing pleasant aroma of ginger permeates the relaxing atmosphere for parents wishing to escape the doldrums of everyday life. The children will learn, be entertained, and experience just some of the vast products that ginger makes better. Consult the website to reference when frequent themed festivals are being held at the Ginger Factory. A universe of taste and relaxation await those who decide to visit the Ginger Factory today.

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