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Noosa Horse Riding School

Horse riding in Noosa is a great opportunity to see the countryside of Australia. Horseback tours are available in a variety of terrains catering to beginners and advanced riders alike.

Who Can go Horse Riding?

Tours for horseback riding are suitable for all ages. There are a variety of horses to accommodate all sizes, from children to adults. Those who have never ridden a horse before don’t need to worry; the guides are very careful to walk new riders through all of the steps of riding a horse. The guides keep an eye on riders at all times and can make sure that everything is going smoothly. This is one of the best places for new riders to learn because the supervision and instruction is excellent.

What’s Included in the Horse Ride?

Each ride includes the horse, riding equipment such as a saddle, and an experienced guide to lead the group through the trail. Longer rides are available over the course of several days, and these will include food and shelter. For those who want to stay closer to the stables, horse riding instruction can take place on the premises. Everything you need for a day, or a week, on the trails is included.

There are over a dozen horses at the stables, so there’s a horse breed that’s right for everyone. Different horses can be good for different types of riders, and beginners will want to pick a different horse than more experienced horseback riders. The guides are there to help new riders choose the right horse, taking in mind the guest’s preferences and skills.

What Kinds of Rides Are Available?

Rides are available for groups and for individuals. Private beach rides are two hours long, and they take visitors on some of the most scenic areas of the coast. Longer trips go through both the beach and the bush, giving visitors a variety of experiences on their horseback riding trip. Those looking for something in between may not have as much luck, but the 7-day trip is certainly an adventure.

Special lessons are an option for someone who wants to learn specific skills. These lessons can start slow, teaching you to trot and then to run. Obstacle course riding is also an option. Occasionally, special trips are available to riders with some experience. These may include competitions or extended trips.

How Do I Get There?

Getting there is simple even for those who don’t have their own transportation. Call the support team for directions, or simply give the address to a driver. The customer support team is always available to answer questions about the services and to help with the logistics of reaching the stables. In summary, this is one of the better horseback riding operators in the region with many ride options to choose from.

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