Big Kart Track

When you are planning a trip to Australia’s famed Sunshine Coast, you will have plenty of fun ways to spend your days. A holiday to these area of the country, however, would not be complete without spending time at Big Kart Track. When you are looking for a great place to have fun while taking a break from the sand and surf at local beaches, a trip to Big Kart Track is sure to be fun for the whole family.

Suitable For

Big Kart Track is a great destination for couples as well as families to visit. There are two main tracks where you can race, and these include the Kart Track and the Kid’s Track. The Kid’s Track is suitable for most children. Because this track allows parents and kids to ride together in a single kart, even smaller children will have a blast here. Infants and toddlers, however, may not be able to ride in these karts. To drive on the larger track, drivers must be at least 12 years old and at least 152 centimetres tall. There is no height limit for the Kid’s Track.

What’s Included

The cost of racing at Big Kart Track will vary based on the track that you plan to drive on, and this can make it more affordable for you to visit the park with your family. For example, it is $40 to race on the Big Kart Track for 15 minutes, and there are group discounts. You can select rates for 30 and 60 minutes as well. The rate for a junior go-kart on the Kid’s Track is slightly lower. With the fee, you will have access to a go-kart as well as a safety helmet.


Big Kart Track is just one of several venues that you will be able to visit with your family on a trip to the Sunshine Coast. If your time is limited, you may wonder if this is a destination to include or to pass on when planning your holiday and scheduling tours. When you visit Big Kart Track, you will have access to the tracks and go-karts for a specified period of time. This reduces the amount of time that you will be standing in long lines, and it provides you with the opportunity to maximise your time while on holiday. Those who love the thrill of high speed racing action will not want to miss out on the experience of racing at Big Kart Track.


This is a popular attraction for couples and families on holiday at the Sunshine Coast, and it is also popular for local residents to visit. Because of this, the destination can become crowded during peak times. Before you visit Big Kart Track, you may consider contacting the staff members by phone to inquire about the best times to visit to avoid crowds. This can help you to maximise your enjoyment of visiting Big Kart Track.

How to Get There

Big Kart Track is open during extended business hours seven days a week, and it is also open on major holidays, such as on Easter and Christmas. The attraction is located at 2310 Steve Irwin Way in Landsborough. While some tours may include a visit to Big Kart Track in the itinerary, it may also be convenient to drive to this attraction on your own. Steve Irwin Way is accessible via Bruce Highway from both the north and south. Because the attraction is located right off Steve Irwin Way, it is easy to reach.

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